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Art by

Armando Robert Hevia

Offering Stainless Steel Original Art and Custom Commissioned Pieces Since 1997

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Official Licensed Disney Fine Artist

Armando Robert Hevia is a passionate steel artist and sport fisherman enthusiast. He has been selling exclusive art pieces nationwide as well as internationally for the past 25 years. Armando is a Disney Fine Artist who is officially licensed by Disney to create original art featuring Disney characters.  Armando works closely with Disney and follows specific guidelines around their use of Disney intellectual property in their artworks. All art created must be approved by Disney.

The Process

Armando works with 14-gauge Type 316L Marine Grade stainless steel to create his unique pieces. He begins by hand-drawing his designs, which are then laser cut into the metal. After cutting, Armando employs a high-speed grinder to refine the shapes and edges of his artwork. To add color and visual interest, he heats the metal using a cutting torch, drawing out a range of hues from the stainless steel. Armando's metal art sculptures vary in size, from small 4-inch pieces to impressive works measuring up to 8 1/2 feet in height. His creative process, combining modern technology with traditional metalworking techniques, results in distinctive and captivating art pieces.

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Armando Robert Hevia – Disney Fine Art Sculptures

A Note About Armando

Armando not only has a passion for but takes pride in each piece of stainless steel art he creates. He is willing and able to create everything imagination can conjure up, showing his natural, intuitive ability for the arts.